MioMore Desktop
MiTAC Intl.
MioMore Desktop is a suite of tools you can use to access greater functionality and product information via your...
MioMore Desktop is a suite of tool ...via your computer. MioMore Desktop allows you to: - Obtain...
PUSH Entertainment - Watery Desktop 3D
PUSH Entertainment
This free wallpaper and screensaver combo shows a series of realistic water 3D effects in your desktop. You can customize...
...3D effects in your desktop. If you check the ...the cursor across your desktop, it will leave a trace...
Chatter Desktop
Salesforce, Inc
Chatter Desktop is a free program that allows you to connect with your coworkers to work...
Chatter Desktop is a free program that...
Remote Desktop Connection
Remote Desktop in Windows XP Professional provides remote access to the desktop...
...remote access to the desktop of your computer ...another location. Using Remote Desktop you can, for...
Google Play Music Desktop Player
Samuel Attard
Google Play Music Desktop Player is an open-source desktop player for Google Play...
...an open-source desktop player for Google ...change notifications, this desktop player literally does it...
Handy Safe Desktop Professional
EPOCWARE. Paragon Software Group
Synchronize your data between your mobile phone and PC with Handy Safe Desktop...
...with the Handy Safe Desktop agent, and keep ...and other Handy Safe Desktop features will make working...
Shearwater Desktop
Shearwater Research Inc.
Shearwater Desktop links your desktop computer to your Shearwater dive computer. It allows you to download...
Shearwater Desktop links your desktop computer to your Shearwater...
Inbox.com Desktop Notes
Desktop Notes is a great app that allows you to create colorful sticky notes on your...
...need to remember. Desktop Notes can become ...set of hotkeys in Desktop Notes settings. Additionally...
Desktop Hijack fix
Random Rhythm
Desktop Hijack fix is a tool that help you to restore Windows desktop and wallpaper back to original...
...to restore Windows desktop and wallpaper ...involves reconfiguring your desktop to display something...
PDF Desktop Repair Tool
PDF Tools AG
With this program, you can analyze, repair and restore the content of corrupt PDF...
...PDF documents. Using PDF Desktop Repair Tool you can...
All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software
eCentral : all-in-one productivity tool
...All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software ...duration within seconds. Desktop calendar presents a different...
Remote Desktop Web Connection
The Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX control allows you to access your computer through Remote Desktop...
...computer through Remote Desktop, via the Internet ...feature. Remote Desktop Web Connection provides...
Desktop Notes
Desktop Notes is a program that will allow you to post notes on your Windows desktop...
...notes on your Windows desktop. These notes won ...will beautify your desktop. The program configuration...
Desktop Events Planner
Robertson Software Solutions
Desktop Events Planner is very useful for entering and viewing any events that you want to keep handy on your Desktop...
Desktop Events Planner is very ...keep handy on your Desktop. It can be viewed...
TopSecret Desktop
TopSecret desktop allows you to create and edit/view your data on the desktop computer. Use it to store passwords...
...synchronization with multiple desktops (home/office) ...reached. -TopSecret Desktop supports multiple...
Desktop Web Analytics - For Piwik
Benoit Pouzet
Desktop Web Analytics offers a simple and quickly way to visualize all your Piwik statistics across multiple screens...
Desktop Web Analytics offers a simple ...your own date range. Desktop Web Analytics uses Adobe...
Exselo Desktop
Exselo Desktop is a desktop tool that allows users to collaborate...
...device with Exselo Desktop installed enables its user ...or more Exselo Desktop users have connected...
Aston Secure Desktop
Gladiators Software
Aston Secure Desktop is a security build of Aston 1.x branch. It possesses all the features of regular Aston shell...
...to find their Desktop settings unaltered after ...customization of any Desktop parameter via Admin...
Ulteo Virtual Desktop
Enjoy the power of your Linux applications on Windows without the need to reboot...
...integrated into a single desktop. Additionally, the ...within the same desktop environement. A full...
Desktop Server
Userful Corporation
multi-user/multi-statiDesktop Server is a multi-user/multi-stati Linux operating system that allows up to 10 independent...
...10-to-1 desktop advantage. Includes support ...In any configuration, Desktop Server offers a proven...
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